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Writing great songs and bringing them to the masses is Kevin Mac’s calling. Whether he’s playing solo, jamming in front of his band, or teaming up with other songwriters as part of Southern Rounds and Songwriters in Paradise, Kevin MaC longs for the rush of adrenaline that comes from hitting the road to play his songs and connect with fans across the nation.

After being crowned Virginia Beach’s Next Big Star in 2008, when he participated in a contest held by Kenny Chesney to find his next great opening act, Kevin got to work building a regional presence as a performer. A product the late 80s and early 90s, Kevin got his unique style from mashing up classic country sounds, popular in his home state of Virginia, with hip-hop and pop sounds, which have a special place in his heart. This helped him generate some name recognition among the Virginia Beach hip hop community, which is famous nationwide for pushing the genre to new heights, after which he started performing in local venues and festivals associated with the hip-hop community. He even spent time recording in Timbaland’s studio and collaborating with Teddy Riley. This exposure carried him all the way to Los Angeles, where he signed a publishing deal with the famed team at Prescription Songs. Calls started pouring in with more frequency, especially from Nashville writers hoping to book Kevin for sessions. This ultimately led to Kevin choosing Nashville as his home base. Through his relationship with Prescription Songs, Kevin met his soon-to-be producer, Keith Stegall. Stegall has his own history as a songwriter, with Kevin proudly boasting that Stegall has the same “swagger” as him. Stegall is a Grammy-winning producer and songwriter who has produced hits for George Jones, Alan Jackson, Jimmy Buffet, and Zac Brown Band, to name a few. “Take a sandy beach, mix it with some blue water, add a Corona, a guitar, a good song, and a good singer! That’s how you make Kevin MaC,” quips Stegall. 

On to the present day, when, 10 years after opening for Kenny Chesney on a hot Virginia Beach night, Kevin has found his sound. He now writes confidently with that sound, not only for himself but while also writing for other artists. He’s been opening for REO Speedwagon, headlining shows, touring with other songwriters, and is expecting his first child. When asked what he’s most proud of, he simply says, “The fact that I have a loving wife and a child on the way. The rest I do for my career, and it’s all gravy!”







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